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Branson CPX5800H Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Branson 5800 Ultrasonic Cleaner - 2 1/2 gallon

21.00 LBS
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  • Product Description

    With it's two and a half gallon size and innovative choice of feature sets, the Branson 5800 is a great choice for small machine shops, manufacturing facilities, or anywhere where top quality ultrasonic cleaning is needed. The 5800 comes equipped with a full stainless steel tank, chemical resistant outer cover, and a choice of four models.

    Model features:

    FeatureM SeriesMH SeriesCPX SeriesCPXH Series
    Timer 60-minute Mechanical* 60-minute Mechanical* 99-minute Digital* 99-minute Digital*
    Tank Capacity
    (.5g to 5.5g) 1.9 to 20 liters
    X X X X
    Sweep Frequency
    40 kHz Transducer
    X X X X
    Heater   X   X
    Dual Power     X X
    Power Tracking     X X
    Sleep Mode     X X
    Degas Wave Modulation     X X
    °C or °F Temp       X
    Auto Ultrasonics Activation       X
    High-temp Alarm     X X
    Front Panel Auto
    Temp Calibration
    *Units can also run continuously.

    Have accessories for an older B-Series ultrasonic unit? No problem! All Branson accessories are interchangable between the older B-Series and the new M and CPX Series!

     Model 1800Model 2800Model 3800Model 5800Model 8800
    Tank Capacity          
    Liters/Gallons 1.9/0.5 2.8/0.75 5.7/1.5 9.5/2.5 20.8/5.5

    Tank Size (L/W/D)

    Inches 6x5.5x4 9.5x5.5x4 11.5x6x6 11.5x9.5x6 19.5x11.5x6
    mm 150x150x100 230x140x100 290x150x150 290x240x150 495x290x150
    Overall SIze (L/W/D)          
    Inches 9.9x12x11.9 13.3x12x11.9 15.6x12.5x14.8 15.6x15.8x14.9 23.5x18.3x15.4
    mm 251x304x302 337x304x302 397x317x377


    Pounds/Kilograms 7/3.2 9/4.1 12/5.4 14/6.4 26/11.8
    Frequency 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz
    Drain No No Yes Yes Yes
    NOTE: Tank cover included. For optimum cleaning results, Branson offers a line of accessories including perforated trays, solid trays, beaker covers and support racks for your application needs
  • Warranty Information

    2 years - see Warranty page for details

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