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Jewelry Cleaners

Our personal Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners are all of top quality and have been strenuously tested to ensure our products are of the highest caliber.

We offer the Branson B200, a truely solid personal ultrasonic cleaner with a simple 5 minute on/off cycle timer. Also available is the very impressive GemOro 1.2, a jewelry cleaner with a 1.2 quart tank capacity and a real piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, making it capable of many different ultrasonic cleaning applications.

Have other, non-jewelry items that need cleaning around the house? Unlike other ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, the GemOro 1.2's powerful transducer is capable of even heavy hobbiest cleaning applications, like cleaning model vehicle or lawn equipment parts.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 30 day return policy - no questions asked
  • 2 year REPLACEMENT warranty

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