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Sonicor ultrasonic cleaners are made in the USA!

For over 40 years, Sonicor has been designing and manufacturing superior ultrasonic cleaning technology, all made right here in the USA! Since 1966 Sonicor has been on the front lines ultrasonics, and it shows with the thought and quality put into all of their tabletop ultrasonic cleaners. Here at we are proud to offer the entire Sonicor S-Series, a range of ultrasonic baths from the compact, 3/4 gallon S-30, to the 3.5 gallon S-300.

Sonicor also supplies each one of their units with a full range of optional features, such as heat and timed sonics, as well as mesh baskets, solid insert trays, and evaporation reducing tank covers. For more information on available accessories, check out the Sonicor Accessory Page.

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