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Crest Tru-Sweep Ultrasonics

Crest Ultrasonics has completed the changeover in their tabletop line from the old Tru-Sweep machines to the new Powersonic cleaners. We still get quite a few inquiries for the old Tru-Sweep units and most of these people are legacy customers and have no idea of the many advantages that are offered by the Crest Powersonic units. Here is a list of the new features offered by the Powersonic line:

  • Lifetime warranty on heater
  • Main power on-off switch
  • Removable 6 foot power cord
  • Three language control panel on all models: German, English and French
  • Patented ceramically enhanced industrial transducers for greater power conversion with less wattage input -- on all 3/4 gallon machines and larger
  • Lifting handles on all 3/4 gallon and larger ultrasonic cleaners
  • New Stainless Steel mesh baskets with unique folding drain handles -- I'll be writing about this soon – it really is a great feature and very useful. 
  • Available in 117V or 230v w/ Europlug at no increase in price (nice!).
  • Two new 8" deep tanks: The Crest CP1100 and CP2600 ultrasonic cleaners

Crest also continues to offer the following features on their tabletop ultrasonic cleaners:

  • Two year parts and labor warranty
  • 0 to 30 minute adjustable timer with continuous run mode on analog models
  • 30° to 80°C temperature control,
  • 0 to 99 minute timer control, adjustable power control, and auto degas mode on digital models
  • all stainless steel tank enclosure
  • stainless steel lift off cover
  • Tank drain with flow control valve on all 3/4 gallon and larger machines


Comparing the Tru-Sweep models to the new Powersonic line.
Tru Sweep ModelsPowersonic Models
Tru-Sweep 175 Powersonic CP200
Tru-Sweep 275 Powersonic CP230
Tru-Sweep 575 Powersonic CP500
Tru-Sweep 690 Powersonic CP1200
Tru-Sweep 950 Powersonic CP1100 *2" deeper!*
Tru-Sweep 1875 N/A, see Powersonic CP2600
Tru-Sweep 2800 Powersonic 2600