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smile again denture cleaning powder

Smile Again Denture Cleaner

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    Smile Again Denture Cleaner is a powdered concentrate that, when mixed with water, will assist in cleaning plaque, tartar, and calculus buildup from your dentures, as well as helping to remove iron, coffee, tea, and tobacco stains. This cleaning concentrate can be used as a simple soaking agent, or as an additive to a ultrasonic cleaner's tank, like in our Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning Kit.

    • Kills germs frequently found on removable oral appliances
    • Dissolves heavy calculus, plaque, calcium and mineral deposits
    • Removes tough coffe, tea, iron and nicotine stains
    • Pre-measured foil packet
    • Safe, convenient, moisture proof
    • Fast acting and effective
    • Now available three ways: Economy 22 Packet Box; 12 Packet Box; 100 Packet Sample Bag
    • Very economical - Costs no more to use that other leading cleaners
    • Used as directed, safe for all dentures including soft relines, partial dentures, and orthodontic appliances*
    • Doctors - Also excellent to use in an asepsis control program in the ultrasonic to clean the patient's prosthesis during the office visit
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