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Branson beaker covers

Branson Beaker Covers

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    Beaker covers allow you to use the indirect cleaning method with your Branson cleaner. Simply place it on top of your cleaner and insert your beakers. You can also use the rubber O-rings on the outside of your beakers to adjust how deeply the beakers are immersed into your tank.

    • Work with multiple solutions simultaneously
    • Clean and lubricate parts at the same time
    • Keep multiple part types separated
    • Keep track of extremely small parts, instead of lossing them in the tank or tray.

    All Branson beaker covers except the 8800 are high impart, stain resistant plastic. The cover fro the Model 8800 is made of stainless steel.

    Model 1800 / B1510 Beaker Cover (1-600ml), PN 100-032-516
    Model 2800 / B2510 Beaker Cover (2-600ml), PN 100-032-518
    Model 2800 / B2510 Beaker Cover (3-250ml), PN 100-032-527
    Model 3800 / B3510 Beaker Cover (2-600ml), PN 100-032-520
    Model 3800 / B3510 Beaker Cover (3-250ml), PN 100-032-528
    Model 5800 / B5510 Beaker Cover (4-600ml), PN 100-032-511
    Model 8800 / B8510 Beaker Cover (6-600ml), PN CPN-246-014

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