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Why Ultrasonic Cleaning?

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There's a thousand ways to clean a thousand different objects, so why choose ultrasonics to get the job done? The reasons are simple!

Precision - There's no other cleaning process around that cleans as deeply or as thoroughly as ultrasonic cavitation. By it's very nature, it cleans at a microscopic level. No mechanical form of cleaning can even get close to that level of detail. That's why ultrasonics is such a trusted cleaning method in the military, law enforcement, medical, and science fields.

Processing Speed - Ultrasonics are amazing time saving tools, in that an ultrasonic bath can be busy cleaning several parts at once, while the user is busy with another project instead of having to manually clean the parts themselves. Higher end digital models, such as Branson's CPX series, even have programmable digital controls to further speed things up!

Consistency - Tired of hearing "You missed a spot..."? A sonic cleaner's specialty is cleaning an object from all angles simultaneously. This means, with proper use, it's literally impossible for an ultrasonic unit to miss anything! Consistent, batch to batch cleaning every time, that's the power of ultrasonics!

Ease of Use - Using ultrasonics to clean is a very simple process. Place object into basket, pan, etc., lower into tank, set controls (if applicable), and hit start. After that, the ultrasonic cleaner will do the rest! No more scrubbing, dirtying your hands, or breathing potentially dangerous fumes while cleaning!

What Brands Do You Carry?

With well over 40 years combined experience in the ultrasonics industry, we here at know quality when we see it. That's why we only sell the best ultrasonic cleaners and accessories. We believe in only offering equipment that we have personally tested/used in the past, ensuring that we don't sell anything that we personally wouldn't buy.


Branson Ultrasonics

A leader in the ultrasonics industry for over 50 years, Branson is one of our most popular and trusted brands. And with good reason! It's not uncommon for us to receive calls from customers looking for parts for a unit that was purchased over 20 years ago! Now that's what we call reliability!


Crest Ultrasonics

Another long standing, solid brand of ultrasonic baths, Cest units set themselves apart with their all stainless steel design, and superior accessories. The best example is the crest mesh basket, which has unique folding handles which allow the basket to be suspended, hands free, above the tank for quick and easy draining.

Gemoro Ultrasonics

Gemoro has a more consumer oriented focus in their products than Branson or Crest, and is a great brand for anybody looking for a small, inexpensive, yet powerful personal ultrasonic cleaner. A great example would be the Gemoro 1.2, which has the same cleaning power of a large tabletop unit, but in a small, stylish package!



Sonicor ultrasonics are for our customers who want ease of use, and rugged reliability. Like Crest, they feature all stainless steel inside and out, and like both Crest and Branson, have a wide range of sizes to fit most any tabletop application. What sets Sonicor apart however is the ease of operation. Units can be purchased with just an on/off switch, on/off with heat, a mechanical timer, or mechanical timer with heat. No digital controls, no confusion. Does it get any easier than that?

Ultrasonic Cleaning Accessories

From Crest mesh baskets to Sonicor solid trays, if it's available, we have it! Not sure what kind of accessories you need for your specific cleaning application? Just give us a call and we'll be happy to help you get what you need, and ONLY what you need!


This is a question with about a million answers, and is almost like asking "What can I clean with a sponge?". The answer is tons of stuff! Odds are if you can clean it with a coarse sponge and a little elbow grease, an ultrasonic bath can clean it faster and more completely. Here are some examples of common ultrasonic cleaning applications:

Personal cleaning applications

An ultrasonic bath is a wonderful appliance to have around the home, and is capable of cleaning some pretty surprising things. Obviously jewelry comes to mind, and indeed we carry several units for ultrasonic jewelry cleaning. But did you know that in the same sonic bath you can also clean much more? Here are just a few potential cleaning applications:

  • Fishing gear
  • Coins
  • Personal firearms
  • Model car, airplane, or boat parts
  • Fine silverware
  • Tools from the garage
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Porcelain figurines
  • Pet combs and brushes
  • Electric razor heads and other hygiene products

Manufacturing and Industrial Cleaning Applications

These applications are what many ultrasonic cleaners are built for, and are most common with units above 3 gallons. Ultrasonics are often what companies turn to when they need a combination of throughput and precision cleaning. Some common applications for manufacturing and industry are:

Medical and Scientific Cleaning Applications

When it comes to the medical and scientific fields, ultrasonics has proven time and again a superior cleaning method. But ultrasonic baths can go beyond cleaning. Certain applications utilize sonic cavitation for more than just cleaning. Some common medical and scientific applications include:

Military and Law Enforcement

As a veteran owned and operated company, understands the needs of our military and law enforcement customers. That's why we carry a full line of weapons cleaning and re-lubrication products, as well as complete weapons processing systems. Whether you need to clean and re-lubricate a couple handguns, or need a system for handling the weapons processing for a full armory, we have you covered!


If we should be so luckly as to earn your business, we here at will do our very best to supply you, the customer, with superior customer service and full access to our over 40 years of experience in ultrasonics. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong with your order, or you're dissatisfied in any way, we'll do our very best to resolve the issue at no cost to you. We firmly believe in treating our customers how we wish to be treated, and we only want the best, so we only supply the best.

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