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Cleaning Glassware with Ultrasonics

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clean glassware with ultrasonics

Ultrasonic energy utilizes controlled and high-magnitude pressure changes in liquids to provide you with the highest and most consistent level of cleanliness. It’s also able to get under those annoying unreachable places that standard washing techniques aren't able to penetrate! With the addition of digital controls, it becomes very simple to perform a consistent cleaning process – and repeat it!

How to Clean Glassware

  • Load the tank with recommended formula and program the optimal temperature for cleaning
  • It’s important to make sure there isn't any trapped air in the glassware. For best results, it’s crucial to wet all surfaces with liquid
  • Turn system on to enable ultrasonic energy
  • When the cycle is finished, take out the clean glassware and be sure to fully drain to remove all soils

How to Rinse Glassware

  • Rinse glassware with Deionized water
  • Check to make sure that air isn’t being trapped in the glassware
  • Use one of several methods to dry – evaporation, air-drying, blowing air on part

Equipment Recommendation

The Bransonic CPXH series of ultrasonic cleaners is an extremely efficient set of unit for providing high quality cleanliness for laboratory glassware. The CPXH series has a multitude of features to ensure high quality at your convenience:

  • Regardless of how big the load is that you wish to clean, the Model CPXH is able to adapt due to its self-adapting technology that creates acoustic energy all throughout the bath for consistency.
  • High/low power option allows for maintaining a high level cleanliness without damaging more fragile glassware
  • Both Celsius and Fahrenheit available for your preference.
  • User is in full control of selecting and programming which ever consistency they prefer without having to adjust manually.

Recommended Glassware Cleaning Process

Follow the chart to attain consistent and the most efficient level for cleaning your plastic tools using the Bransonic Model CPXH.

Process Stage Chemical Ultrasonic Frequency Handling Temp. (F) Minutes
Wash 10% Branson OC 40 Basket 140 5
Rinse DI water n/a Basket Warm n/a
Dry Fiiltered compressed air n/a manual ambient Until dry

You no longer have to worry about inconsistent and unreliable cleaning techniques when you have the Model CPXH doing the cleaning. The same level of high quality cleanliness is achieved every time and all you have to do is place your laboratory glassware in the bath and follow the recommended formula for cleaning. There’s no more headaches when it comes to cleaning – you can sit back and relax while the Bransonic CPXH ultrasonic cleaner does the job!

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