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Carburetor Cleaners


Sick and tired of looming over a pan of potentially harmful solvent, scrubbing away at your engine parts, all the while breathing in dangerous fumes? Why not let our professional carburetor cleaning systems do all the hard work for you without the harsh chemicals?

We here at CleanoSonic.com have created a carburetor cleaning system designed for professionals to clean and degrease parts both quickly and completely. On offer are two separate configurations, based off the Crest PowerSonic CP500 and CP2600 respectively. Need a slightly different sized tank? We are more than happy to customize these setups to fit your specific cleaning application!


But why just take it from us?  Here's a quote from Jay Leno in the Sept 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics: 

"How many of us of a certain age have complained for the last 20 years that you can't get good carburetor cleaner anymore? You know, that stuff that eats your skin and goes directly into your pores, so you die when you're 62. There are a lot of effective, but gentle, new kinds of cleaners like some made by Meguiar's and Simple Green.

But the most incredible things I have found are industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines. They use sound waves, so they don't damage any sensitive small parts or even a paper gasket. Really, it's just a larger version of a jewelry cleaner. When you're through you push the machine out to the driveway or empty it near the drain, and you just flush the water away. It's no worse than washing your car......."

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