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Need a basket, support rack, or other accessory for your new or existing ultrasonic cleaner? At we carry the full line of machine specific accessories from Crest, Branson, and GemOro as well as beakers and other useful items.

Not sure what you need for your specific application? Here's a quick rundown of the basic function of each accessory type:

Mesh Baskets - These baskets are the most commonly used for most applications. Mesh baskets from all our manufacturers are constructed of rugged stainless steel and serve to hold the item being cleaned suspended off the bottom of the tank. Mesh baskets are also great for fast draining, and in the case of Crest mesh baskets even have special drin positioning handles.

Perforated Trays - Also known as perforated or "perf" baskets, function in the same basic way as the mesh basket, but are constructed from a solic piece of steel with holes drilled in for drainage. These trays come in handy for cleaning very heavy parts which may bend or warp the wire mesh of a mesh basket. Like the mesh basket, Crest's perforated trays also feature drain positioning handles.

Solid Trays - As the name implies, a solid tray has all solid stainless steel sides and works in much the same way as the previous two trays.

Support Racks - A support rack is simply a rack that is placed at the bottom of the tank, and supports the object being cleaned the required inch from the transducer. Support racks are most commonly used in applications where the part is either too large or too heavy to fit in a standard basket.


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