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Branson S7000 Ultrasonic Tank

Branson Series 7000 Ultrasonic Tanks

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  • Product Description

    Pick the size tank you need, add a generator and a basket - and you have a custom ultrasonic cleaning system. All Branson tanks come with inlet and outlet connections, making it easy to add filters, pumps, and other accessories. 

    We use Bright-Annealed 316L stainless throughout. This highly polished, rugged surface is suitable for alkaline, neutral or mildly acidic solutions. Heated units will hold temperature up to 170F (76C).

    These tanks connect to their respective power supplies via a shielded, FCC approved RF cable, allowing you to keep your power supply located away from liquids.


    • Capacities from 2.5 to 40 gallons (10 to 90 liters)
    • Tank sizes from 6"x10"x10" to 20"x24"x20"
    • Bottom-mounted positive drain connection
    • Internal components are fully shielded
    • Heated and unheated units available
    • Normal or Low Intensity ultrasonics available
    • Choose from 25 or 40 kHz frequency


    • Stainless steel parts handling basket
    • Stainless steel cover

    Numbering System:

    Your tank's model number will guide you to the correct selection of a power supply. Here's an example: SH1012-40-12

    • The tank is heated (H = heat)
    • Length of the tank in inches, left to right (10)
    • Width of the tank in inches, front to back (12)
    • Ultrasonic Frequency (40 kHz)
    • The number of piezoelectric transducer elements bonded to the bottom of the tank (12)

    Power Supply Selection:
    The last two digits in your tank model number will tell you how many transducers you need to power and your tanks frquency - simply make sure those numbers match the correcsponding digits in the power supply part number.
    Our tank above is an SH-1012-40-12. So we need a power supply that will drive 12 transducers, at 40 kHz. The correct choice is an S7040-12

  • Warranty Information

    2 years - see Warranty page for details

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